Beautiful French Alps

Pointe De Mossette View

Pointe De Mossette View

View down to Lake Montriond

Apartment views of Morzine, Plenny to the right  

Lake Montriond


Mont Cherry view, Mont Blanc hiding in the clouds

Loving life!




Guapo MkIII returns to the Peak

With the bouncy bike rebuilt with lots of shiny new bits it was time to head out and put it to the ultimate test, the dark peak gritstone! If it can survive a thrashing on these trails you know it’s going to be ok.  All seems to have survived a thrashing pretty well, the main concern was my new Superstar Sentinal trail wheelset. I picked them up for a good price but was a little worried a ‘trail’ wheelset wouldn’t cut it for some of my usual riding spots. So far so good…

      Looking out at loose hill, kinder scout & the vale of Edale

The gopro came along for the ride, check out the video